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adenitis: swollen glands

adjuvant: a remedy that enhances the effect of another

albuminuria: the presence of albumin in the urine

amenorrhoea: absence of periods

analgesic: relieves pain

anodyne: eases pain

anorexia: loss of appetite

anthelmintic: removes parasitic worms

antilithic: against stones, e.g. of the kidney or bladder

antiseptic: prevents infection

antispasmodic: prevents spasm, cramping

aperient: promoting a natural bowel movement

astringent: causes contraction of the tissues

cardiac: having an effect on the heart

carminative: eases griping pains, expels flatulence

cathartic: causes evacuation of the bowels

cholagogue: promotes bile flow

choleretic: prevents excessive bile

demulcent: soothing and protective

depurative: purifying

diaphoretic: causes perspiration

diplopia: double vision

diuretic: increases urine flow

dysmenorrhoea: painful periods

dysuria: painful urination

emetic: causes vomiting

emmenagogue: promotes menstrual flow

emollient: soothing, softening; usually refers to skin remedies

expectorant: loosens phlegm

febrifuge: reduces fever

galactagogue: induces milk flow

haematuria: blood in the urine

haemostatic: controls or stops bleeding

hepatic: concerning the liver

hypertensive: raises blood pressure

hypocholesterolaemic: lowers blood cholesterol levels

hypoglycaemic: lowers blood sugar levels

hypotensive: lowers blood pressure

hypnotic: producing sleep

laxative: bowel stimulant

mydriatic: causes pupil dilation

nervine: nerve restorative, mildly tranquillising

nutritive: nourishing

orexigenic: stimulates the appetite

parturient: a substance that facilitates childbirth

polyuria: excessive urination

pruritis: itching

rubefacient: causing reddening of the skin

sedative: reduces nervous excitement

sternutatory: produces sneezing by irritating the mucous membranes

stimulant: energy-producing

stomachic: a substance which eases stomach pain

styptic: a substance which stops bleeding, applied externally

tonic: a substance which produces a feeling of well-being

vermifuge: expels worms from the body

vulnerary: wound healer


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