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New Products from FELT SO GOOD!!

Felt so good was launched to life by Adele Zara Collinson in 2009. It all stemmed from her love for colour and craft after studying Design Crafts at University and living in Asia for a while. She is able to design all of these stunning products here in the UK and then has a very hands on approach with the skilled workers in Asia where these are produced using traditional crafts. She follows a strong passion to support and promote an ethical practice and personally travels to Asia at least 3 times a year to oversee that these values are not only upheld but strengthened. �The artistry skills of the ladies whom make these gorgeous products are fantastic and the importance of this community based cottage industry to maintain and develop responsible working conditions, be given fair wages and a job in which they are happy is at the heart of felt so good's ethos. The materials that we use are natural and biodegradable helping our planet in the long term for our future little ones".



Animal Brooches

Bee approximately 3cm x 2cm

Tiger & Panda 5.5cm x 5.5cm

Owl 4cm x 3cm

Caterpillar 9cm x 2cm

Animals - choose from:






Dragonfly purse

Approximately 14cm x 11cm

Choose colour






100% fairtrade wool felt bags and accessories by Hatti.

Since 2005 Hatti products have been making a difference to stigmatised and disadvantaged young women in Nepal through Fair Trade employment in the production of beautifully made handbags and handicrafts. The following range is produced in Kathmandu by Friends Handicraft who provide work for disadvantaged women and single mothers.     

Please note that all the bags are individually handmade from natural materials and not mass produced; therefore there can be slight variations in size and colour to the original picture - this is NOT considered a fault.     


 59p from the sale of this product will be donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

Pink Flower Bag
W17.7 x H14.5 cm
Strap 55cm
Zip Closure            £4.75                                       



37p from the sale of this product will be donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

Pink Flower Purse
W10.5 x H7.5 cm
Zip Closure              £2.85


Large Flower Purse with beautiful hand cut and stitched detail
Size:H8x W12cm
Zip Closure




Rose Purse with beautiful hand cut and stitched detail
Size:H8x W12cm
Zip Closure



Choose Colour


Sunflower Purse

Stylish 100% cotton Felt purse with Sunflower design

Size W12 x H8cm




Love Letter Purse

Funky and fun heart purse or mini makeup bag, with heart zip pull and front and back detail.

Size W15 x H10cm


Choose Colour


Pink Mirror Heart Purse

Size W12 x H10cm

Pretty little purse with a mirror detail




Daisy Brooch     

Accessorise your clothes and bags.

Size:H7.5x W4.5cm approx












Single Zip Passport/Travel Bag

Hand embroidered cotton bags with zip and button closure pockets. Perfect size for an evening out/ travelling and more; fabulous array of colours to choose from.

Size: W18cm x H21cm
Strap 120cm


Choose Colour









Triple Zip Passport/Travel Bag

Hand embroidered cotton bags with zip closure pockets. Perfect size for an evening out/ travelling and more; fabulous array of colours to choose from.

Size: W18cm x H22.5cm
Strap 120cm


Choose Colour


Say NO! to Plastic - Buy a Reusable Bag and Save a Turtle!

Plastic bags are becoming a major marine problem for the same reason that they are a commercial success - they don't break down. Every year, 17� billion plastic bags are given away by supermarkets, equivalent to over 290 bags for every person in the UK. We produce and use 20 times more plastic today than we did 50 years ago.

Sadly, mistaking polythene bags for jellyfish has caused the deaths of many Leatherback Turtles. A discarded bag fills with water and floats, semi-submerged on the water's surface. To a turtle this looks just like a jellyfish and is swallowed with terrible consequences, usually resulting in death for the turtle as the bag either twists in its gut or blocks digestion.

The hazards of the plastic bag do not stop with the turtles. Plastics never fully degrade; plastic bags eventually turn into plastic 'dust' which can still be ingested by filter feeding marine animals such as jellyfish. Plastic is highly toxic, and toxins are passed up the food chain to the fish and ultimately human consumers.

Until now, no studies were conducted on filter-feeding organisms such as jellies, whose feeding mechanisms do not permit them to distinguish between tiny fragments of plastic debris and plankton. It is now known that plastic fragments heavily impact these creatures. When broken into smaller pieces, these tiny plastic fragments accumulate non-water soluble toxicants such as PCB's, and pesticides such as DDT. Plastic acts as a sponge for such chemicals and other persistent organic pollutants, concentrating such poisons up to a million times higher than their concentration in the water. These toxic particles move up the food chain from the small invertebrates to  the fish and then return to us on our plate!

Cotton String Bags.     NEW LOW PRICE!

100% organic cotton, washable bags. The trick of saying no to plastic bags is having a bag with you. This string bag will tuck into your pocket. Choice of gorgeous colours, with long or short handles.

SHORT handles £3.00

Choose Colour

LONG handles £3.25

Choose a colour first



 To find out more about our Jute bags and how they help the planet and disadvantaged communities click here

Small Shopper


Small shopper with comfortable wooden loop handles in orange, red or blue. 26cm x 28cm x 10cm  £3.25

Choose from

Super-Shopper with shoulder straps and button fastening. Blue, green or yellow. 42xm x 38cm x 10cm  £4.99

Choose from

Duffle Bags - tough and robust, with thick cotton rope secured with metal eyelets - this is built to last. Each design is different.  £3.99


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